10 Simple Home Exercises

Simple fat loss exercise that you can do it at home while you are watching TV without carrying any weight or going to gym.

1. Jumping Jack

A jump done from a standing position with the arms and legs pointing outwards.

2. Push Up

3. Abdominal Crunches

4. Plank

5. Squats

6. Wall Sit

7. Lunge

One leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground while the other leg is positioned behind

8. Leg Raise

9. High Knee

10. Triceps dips

Hoist yourself up onto a bench, chair or step as long as it is stable and secure to take your body weight.

For beginner 30 second for each exercise with an interval of one min.  Continue the cycle for 3 to 5 times. Drink lots of water before and after the exercises to get yourself hydrated.  You will see great result if you continue doing everyday for 2 weeks.

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